Playing outside in the sunshine……..

No there isn’t a photo of me playing outside!  I could have taken a picture of the blister I got from raking leaves.  I got the front flower beds looking pretty respectable but I still have a few big weeds to dig out behind my bushes.  It sounds like another nice day to work outside today.  I didn’t take any new photos yesterday so I’ll just give you the straight on view of the same shot I showed yesterday at an angle.  I have some more triangles cut and ready to sew but instead I did another row of quilting on the Kaffe zig zag quilt last night.


8 thoughts on “Playing outside in the sunshine……..

  1. 🙂 It always takes awhile for the hands to get used to the rake and shovel! I only have half of the little bed that I use to plant vegetable in turned and my shoulders were killing me yesterday – I didn't get a blister – I got the aches.

  2. Our leaves here at the cottage are a foot deep. I wear gloves while raking and can still get a blister. It always looks so good afterwards. Your quilt is looking great!

  3. I have been away, I come back, and look at this wonderful quilt! I took a stroll back through previous posts…..I love the way it is coming along! I did some yard work myself and got blistered by the sun!

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