My two sewing pals came over yesterday and I worked on my triangle project.  I’m auditioning colors for several areas.  I need to add another row to the bottom yet so I will need to move the whole thing up the wall soon.  The bottom half row will still be laying on the floor because there won’t be room on the wall for it.  At this point I’m thinking about making it 80″ x 96″.

When we came up from the basement to go out for lunch we saw 2 mourning doves being lovey dovey!  They actually looked like they were kissing but I couldn’t catch that in a photo.


18 thoughts on “Auditioning…………

  1. 80 x 96 is a good size to show off all that shimmer! Really love the colors and movement in yours. My design wall is one wall in the former living room (now sewing studio) and it never seems big enough even though it is 2 sheets of homesote with felt.

  2. Good morning Wanda…Today we will be loading up the van, getting ready to leave for Florida tomorrow morning. Love all the luscious KF fabrics you are using in this quilt, and don't think I've seen this pattern before. We have mourning doves, about 3 pair, that frequent our feeders and often sit together on the deck railings. One year there was an odd won, who had probably lost it's mate, and the other pairs would shoo it away, poor thing. Enjoy the day.

  3. I am so enthralled with your triangle piece, it just explodes with color. And the time and stitching that is going into this design shows.

    Now your doves are cuter than ours. . . the difference in birds and animals in each state vary somewhat. And fun to see the difference… I wish we had cardinals. I still miss them.


  4. I love the movement of the brilliant colours over this piece. Makes me want to get out fabric and start working but I have several on the go now – getting ready for our big quilt show in Kingston ON.

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