I was too tired to do any sewing after I got home from church sewing circle so I did laundry and picked up some of my mess in the basement.  I decided to put the best 24 blocks of this 4 patch posy group on the design wall and maybe I can decide how to finish them into a top.  The blocks will finish at 11″.


13 thoughts on “Layout………….

  1. Was a treat to see this one again… I really like the kaleidoscope each block makes. ~ And OMG Wanda, 34 sets of preemie sets ! ~ And your triangles, has many, many hours into them already… what a grand quilt it is going to be when finished.


  2. Our local quilt shop does a “Sassy Hour” once a month where the owner shows a pattern and either a finished top or several ways to do up the pattern and last week she showed this one. I loved it-4 pieces rater than 6 or 8 and nice, easy squares. This one is lovely.

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