Delivery day………

Today is the first time I have been able to go to my church sewing circle this year.  We cancelled most of the sessions because of bad weather but some of the ladies met at least once in March.  My church is 23 miles from my house and I am a fair weather driver.  I worked on this group of preemie gowns and blankets for about 3 weeks, a little bit here and there.  There are 34 sets in a total of 4 sizes.

I have shown the pattern before but I decided I needed to repeat it and put a label of “preemie pattern” on this post so it is easy to find.

I made 4 little quilts, 3 pictured here.  They are just one pieced flannel layer and a backing of flannel, quilted and with edges finished on my serger.  This keeps them soft and flexible just like a receiving blanket.  Batting would make them too bulky in this small size.  The largest one is about 18″ x 22″, the smallest about 15″ x 18″.

I made a little progress on the left side of this project.  For more info on this quilt go to this post.


9 thoughts on “Delivery day………

  1. Hi Wanda!

    That's a wonderful stack of sewing you have there! As a mother of a preemie, I can't tell you how important and how appreciated those clothes are! And the nurses always put a little matching bow onto Chani's head with some KY Jelly, haha! I thought she was the cutest!

    And that's super important really because according to studies, it can be much harder for Moms to bond with their little preemie. Obviously that could cause such problems for a lifetime! My daughter was 2 1/2 pounds when she was born. She went from specially crocheted outfits to Cabbage Patch Preemie Doll clothes, to Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes, and then finally, a preemie dress that you could buy in the store!

    What a great day it was when she gained up to be a big, whopping 5 pounds and I could take her home! This whole scary, heart-rending experience was made so much better by the kindness of strangers who believed in my little scrap of a daughter and made cute clothes for her 🙂 it honestly meant so much. So, thank you sewing circle!

  2. Not sure if I can help but I would love to make and donate some preemie sets. If that is possible let me know as I have a few questions about some areas, hem and sleeves are they just serged? Neckline is that ribbing?

  3. Nice stack of donation gowns and blankets!! It is great to help moms who are going through a lot of emotions following birth. I need to think about doing a project along this line. You triangles are shimmering & this is going to be spectacular!!

  4. What a wonderful thing you're doing making all those premie gowns and little blankets. I'm sure the parents of those preemies are oh so appreciative of the kindness.

    I love the phrase fair weather driver!! More than a few of our friends are the same.

  5. This is all so wonderful! Not that I care at all, and I'm a firm believer in the fact there IS NO QUILT POLICE, but I've always been told that in order for something to be a quilt, something has to have three layers, which would make your beautiful little things more like blankies or receiving blankets anyway!
    They seem like such a great thing, that I might actually make some for my niece who is expecting a baby in July. Who can't use more receiving blankets? And I think I have some extra flannel around!

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