The triangle project……….

The triangles are getting sewn into this unit.

I first saw this pattern in an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine in 1997 (bottom right in photo).  It was done in scraps.  Then I saw it in the Quilt Art calendar in 2000 in yellow and blue.  Last year I saw it on Pinterest in Kaffe fabrics, two different versions.  The bottom 2 have 4 patches for the large square area and then triangles to fill in.  The top left version uses a big square in one piece (no 4 patches) and the one on the top right uses whole squares in one row and 4 patches in the next row.  There is a pattern available on Craftsy called Shimmering Triangles if you want to do a search.  I already had a pattern in the magazine so I had a general idea of how to make it.

Since I am using a combination of whole squares and 4 patches I needed to lay out the squares in an order I think will work.  The 4 patches will be in no specific order or pattern, just whenever I feel like I want to put one in.

Triangle units were added made of the fabrics in 2 adjacent blocks.  I noticed after I took the photo that I have one in the wrong position on the top right.  It needs to go on the other side of the dark big square.

This quilt is going to take a long time since I only have about 1/4 – 1/3 of the large squares on the design wall so far.  I will need to have it mostly sewn together by May 4 when the art quilters come again since they need to use this design wall.

Last night I was working on the top left corner.  The pieces are dark purple but the lighting isn’t good at the top of my design wall.  My plan is to make all of the parts on the left edge and then sew the first 4 vertical columns together so I will be able to get more pieces on the design wall.  

I have a bridal shower at my house April 26 so I will be deep cleaning the house part of each day and working on this project as my reward each evening.  I’ll probably just show progress a couple times a week.


29 thoughts on “The triangle project……….

  1. I had seen a photo of this kind of quilt and figured out how to do it, but went ahead and bought the pattern in case I was confused. I haven't started yet and prolly won't until mid-summer, so I will watch your progress with fascination. I love the look of the quilt in general, and your spin is going to be stunning!

  2. I saw this quilt a couple of times and then the Shimmer pattern and knew I was obsessed with wanting to make it. I am so going to love your progress. I don't have space to do it and several projects in the fire but someday this is going to be mine. Love it!

  3. I don't believe I have seen anything like this pattern before. It's really beautiful. I will be interested in the progress. And it's really nice that you're having a bridal reception at your house. That will be such a happy occasion!

  4. Your Shimmering Triangles is stunning. It's not a pattern that I would usually gravitate to but I have seen it done in oranges and blacks and it was a beauty. Looks like yours will be too Wanda.

  5. Just when I think your quilts can't get more beautiful…they do! I've seen these shimmer quilts on Pinterest too, and this one is going to be WOW. I love how fearless you are with prints.

  6. This concept reminds me of the Blooming 9 Patch. I love all the floral prints and this pattern allows for so many to be used. It's going to be fabulous, but most everything you do is!

  7. Sounds like you're cleaning with the same method I use – a room a day. That's all my aging body can handle. I cleaned that way all last week, getting ready for company on April 15th. I may be too tired to enjoy them! Off to sew for a little reward after cleaning in the kitchen today!

  8. This is gorgeous! I may have seen the pattern done in a magazine but it's nothing like yours done with Kaffe fabrics! I'm sorry you have to stop working on it and clean house. If I were invited to your home I'd just look at the quilts – no eyes what so ever for dust. I'll look forward to seeing the updates.

  9. Thanks for the photo tutorial. I've seen the pattern and admired it but I have trouble envisioning how to do the tessellation. Your post really helps.

  10. This will be gorgeous! Thank you Wanda for all of the info about the pattern and where to find it. I looked for it on Craftsy, then read about the designer who makes some beautiful quilts also. And a comment above about this quilt resembling a blooming 9-patch sounded interesting, so I had to read about them for a bit. I learned a bunch-and now have another quilt on my bucket list. 🙂

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