Partially sewn……..

I have the sashing all sewn onto the blocks and the top left 2 rows are sewn together.  The bottom right corner block and triangles are also sewn.  The setting triangles were larger than my triangle ruler this time.  I need to get this off the double design wall so I can transfer my triangle project onto it.

I saw this big bird strutting around at my back lot line.  I used the super telephoto on my point and shoot camera and found out it is a Northern Flicker.  He is on one of the walnut tree stumps looking for food.

My pink and white cactus has the largest flowers of all of my plants.

This is a close up looking up at the 2 blooms that are on the left in the photo above.


18 thoughts on “Partially sewn……..

  1. Love the sashing in those stars!!! Just enough to set them apart and not enough to steal the show!!!. 1 of my cactus is doing very well the other not so much….

  2. Good morning Wanda…We're off to Elkhorn to visit friends for a few days and looking forward to some good card games. Isn't it fun to find new birds? I always keep a Audubon Field Guide in the kitchen just in case we spot one, just so we can identify it. Enjoy the day, albeit a wet one.

  3. Your quilt is breath taking and I'm looking forward to seeing the triangle project you're working on. Our humming birds are returning and beginning to hip our feeder.

  4. Your quilt is beautiful, I love the whole thing. I have binoclers and a field guide and mark in it when I see anything different. I saw an owl that was huge, he was about two feet long. Also about a million or more white waterfowl came and sat on the river migrating home north but did not stay long

  5. The quilt top is coming along nicely! I have seen and heard the hawks that have been in the woods behind my house for the last couple of years. I will be watching to see if they have a couple of babies again this year.

  6. Since I am not a quilter… I look forward to how you will stitch the sashing on Blazing Star. I know you have a simple method, but with the stars laying on top of the green sashing I see a lot of work ahead.

    Cactus blossoms put on such a delightful show for you. And thanks for sharing.


  7. That quilt is looking better and better every time I see it – which is hardly believable! Just stunning!
    I missed a great picture of a pileated woodpecker because my camera was inside and I was outside. By the time I came back, the bird had moved around the tree to the backside, I could still hear him pecking away, but no longer see him.
    I was very frustrated, I would've loved to get a good shot of him. He was so big that even though he was 20-30 feet away, I could've gotten a great pic with my zoom lense.

  8. Going to love your quilt as usual. We saw a Flicker in our yard last week. They like to eat ants among other things. We have the yellow-shafted ones here, too. In the west, they have the red-shafted ones. So if you ever see one flying, ours will have the yellow feathers on the underside of the wings. Lovely cactus. I could never get mine to bloom. It was a gift which unfortunately died when my green thumb died many years ago. Your blog is the highlight of my day.

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