Spring is here………..

The forsythia is blooming so it must be spring.  Most years we get snow while it is blooming but I think we might be safe this year.

I am still cleaning out a closet and sewing triangles, nothing worth getting the camera out.


9 thoughts on “Spring is here………..

  1. Thank you for the lovely hint of Spring, Wanda. We had two nice days last week but since then it's been a return to chilly. It sounds like thing might turn around this week and your photo is a great reminder that it will change – eventually :).

  2. Spring flowers, a super sign of warmer weather, here we have rain, and more to come. That blossom is a wonderful shade, I can see it in one of your quilts, almost lemon, almost lime green, almost golden.

  3. forsythia is a favorite of mine. and I am anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the Kaffe triangles. I keep amassing them and can't make myself decide on a project–actually there are many I want to do and just can't start cutting for one!

  4. Something is upside down! My forsythia isn't blooming yet! I see only just a few buds on it! I hope it wasn't pruned improperly or something. I'm way south of you and should bloom way ahead of you!

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