I have started the sewing on the third project that I have been cutting.  It will take me several days to photograph the stages of the quilt so no reveal yet.

It was a beautiful day in the 60s with sunshine for Easter this year.  We usually have colder and windy or rainy weather.  We went out to eat so there was no clean up for us.

The toile blocks were still in a stack on my cutting table so I decided to see how they would look edge to edge in a light/dark/light/dark configuration.  I think they probably still need a narrow sashing between them.  I have a couple other options in mind too.


8 thoughts on “Triangles…………

  1. Triangles… well they do look colorful… I agree the Toile needs a bit of something… While I like the monochromatic, look it appears a bit flat.

    We had nice weather too!

  2. Good morning Wanda…Definitely sashing, which would make the blocks pop more. Happy you had a nice Easter with your family. Therapy this morning and then home to get some work done.

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