Progress, finally………….

I cut backings and batting for three quilts, and this is the backing for this one.  I also spent an hour looking for the backing for the flannel quilt top I just finished.  No, I didn’t find it.

This is the second wallhanging I basted to quilt on my straight stitch machine.  This one is about 40″ square.  The other one is about 42″ square.  I have quilted 13 quilts so far in 2015 in 13 weeks.  Now I need to get the 4 ready for this month to keep up that pace.

The blooming area in the living room was bathed in sunlight yesterday morning.  I have 4 other plants that each have one bud on them.  One is a baby plant started from a piece that fell off one of the big plants.  I never know which one they are from and it takes a couple years to get a bloom on them.


5 thoughts on “Progress, finally………….

  1. progress I know you want to keep up to what you set for yourself this year, you will be done with those 4 quilts before you know it. I love your Christmas Cactus's, I am amazed that the one I have that I brought home with me from my mothers apartment in October is still alive, it was almost dead then and it is looking good – maybe it will have blooms next year?

  2. I love those 3 colours together – red, blue, lilacs – and the 2nd quilt has an African look to it with those oranges and blacks. Your improv cover under the cactus looks interesting as well. Hope you find the fabric you are looking for – most probably when you are looking for something else it will turn up 🙂

  3. Just wanted to thank you for all the encouragement on my cacti……..they are beautiful all 6 have multiple
    blooms. Maybe my thumb is turning a little green,just
    a little though.You are a machine with all of those finishes ,plus teaching. Have a good holiday,however
    you celebrate.

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