Lesson results………..

I had never made the 4 Patch Posy, One Block Wonder or any of the Stack n Whack type quilts.  One of my friends has taught the 4 patch posy many times so she offered to teach it to my other friend and I.  Here are some of the 7″ blocks I got from the toile type print shown below. I wanted to learn the basics of it before I used one of my ‘pretty’ fabrics.

This red cactus is the one I said was on its last bloom about a month ago.  It fooled me and has a bunch more buds.  I’m happy to see the white one bloom again too.


18 thoughts on “Lesson results………..

  1. Good morning Wanda…..I can understand why you would want to do a 'test pattern' before going on to the real thing. It's so difficult to get a visual picture on how this type of pattern will turn out, but I'm happy you dipped your foot in to test the waters, and now I'm really looking forward to the 'real thing'.
    Enjoy the day!!!

  2. Hi Wanda,

    I don't comment often but I love everything you make. I love seeing all your quilts and your ingenious use of color and pattern.

    I have made one 4 patch posey quilt and love the kaleidoscopic effects of the blocks. I would never have thought of using toile to make this pattern, but I love how yours turned out! It has a very modern,abstract art quality to it.

  3. I took this class in November with very bright colored flowers. Sure need a design wall for this pattern. I like your toile fabric and the quilt will be gorgeous when finished.

  4. AH, They are fun..and quite fast to make!! I have an idea floating about for a stack and whack, but it will have to wait… until the house has sold!!! or maybe even later.

  5. I made one with Kaffe Fassett's Jade Cloisonne.
    I would think that you could make a fabulous one block wonder. You are so exuberant with your colors.

    Looking forward to your adventures.

  6. My cactus is through blooming and I don't see any buds on my white one. So you can quit showing off now. 😉 I, too, have never done one of those kind of quilts: they seem to use a lot of fabric.

  7. LOVE your 4 patch posie in the toile fabric! I used to teach the Stack-n-Whack and know how addictive these kalidescope types of piecing are…….they make you look at fabrics in a whole new light. It is amazing how you take fabric and end up with amazing designs.

  8. Lots of friends have done the One Block Wonders, but I've never before heard of the 4 Patch Posie. So I had to look that one up. It seems so much easier, with a lot of the same results. I just might try that one of these days. There is something fascinating about how differently the quilt turns out from the way the fabric looked in the first place.
    I've always wondered about calling them “stack and wack” though, as that term also seem to apply to the “stack, shuffle, and sew” type quilts (lots of books by Karla Alexander on this method).
    I like the subtle voile quilt, but it doesn't look much like you made it 😊

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