Winter wonderland…………

We got 3″ of snow and the temperature struggled to reach 30 degrees so church sewing circle was cancelled.  We didn’t have any deadline projects so it didn’t make sense to go out in this.

That gave me a chance to work on the snowball quilt.  I got the borders around the center square and sewed the side sections on it and then the top 3 row section.  I put it back up on the wall and looked at it and decided I didn’t like the bottom strip on the center square and started looking for replacements.  That took a couple hours to come up with the one I finally used.  I unpicked the one I didn’t like, sewed in the new one and then sewed on the bottom 5 row section.  I ordered 2 yards of the border fabric so I can’t do any more until that comes.


21 thoughts on “Winter wonderland…………

  1. Wanda, this new quilt it going to be right up there with my list of favorite quilts you have created and the depth perception in the center focal point is amazing. I have shoulder therapy today and will be so happy when this problem is rectified. Have a good day.

  2. The frame effect is excellent! Are you sick of snow yet? We still don't have Spring warm weather yet but at least we don't have snow. The cool weather is making raking gravel a little more tolerable.

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