I have chosen the last 8 fabrics for the Hunter Star project and cut a strip the size I need to cut them with the GO! die on my Studio die cutter.

Last night I finished sewing six size medium preemie outfits. (For the pattern, see yesterday’s post for the link).  If we don’t get too much snow I will be taking them to sewing circle this afternoon where they will get their ribbon ties inserted through the neckbands.

I also worked on the border around the fruit basket insert on the snowball quilt but wasn’t quite finished so no photo.


6 thoughts on “Miscellaneous…………

  1. Good morning Wanda on this snowy day in our part of Kendall County! You never know what Mother Nature is going to send our direction, especially since she teased us with a couple of weeks of spring like weather. Love your preemie outfits and am looking forward to seeing the snowball quilt top finished. The addition of the center fruit basket really made it into something extra special. Watch your stop if you decide to go out today!

  2. What more snow ? ? ? as if you have not had enough. Preemie gown fabrics so cute and you are one special lady to donate your talent and fabrics for them. Your hospital is so fortunate to have your group of ladies.


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