Fruit basket fabric……..

The fruit basket fabric arrived yesterday and it matches the colors in the quilt even better than I thought it would.  I bought it from and their site has pretty true colors.  You can also enlarge the thumbnail to see more of each print.  I was really happy to find this in the Specials section at a great price.  I got the 4 sections sewn together and now need to work on the inner border around the focus fabric.


19 thoughts on “Fruit basket fabric……..

  1. It really does look like it was made to go with it!
    I've just realized how much mor3e beautiful your blog is when I look at it on my computer screen which I rarely do these days, using my I Pad instead.
    The quilt is beautiful!

  2. I really was not loving this quilt until you put that basket in…what a difference it makes! Love the green border around the basket too! It ties all the colours together so beautifully and sort if gives the quilt purpose. I love it! It would look great on my kitchen wall! And as always your colour sense is amazing! (Your stash must be too!)

  3. Smashing quilt Wanda – this is not a pattern I usually like much but your choice of fabrics and the basket in the middle has changed my mind! I have a few Kaffe fabrics (very few) so I might just have to invest in some more and have a go at this…. I love it.
    Cheers, Helen

  4. Just lovely! It would've been very nice with one of the other basket fabrics, and I know i wouldn't have had the patience to wait for a mail order to arrive. But that definitely made the difference between good and great!

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