Progress on snowballs……..

I called a committee meeting….well it was really my two sewing buddies that came over….and I got some good opinions on my project.  This center fabric looks way better with it in person than in a photo and is the same print as the beige one a couple days ago on my blog.  The other fruit basket fabric should come in the mail today so I can still audition it.

I have sewn the top 3 rows together, took out some dark snowball blocks and put in 6 lighter ones.  The fabric to the right is a possible border fabric.  It is the new “Dream” Kaffe print in colorway gray.  We chose the color for the outer border of the insert and I have ideas for the inner border of the insert.  Today I will sew the bottom 5 rows together and the 2 nine block sections on either side of the insert.


15 thoughts on “Progress on snowballs……..

  1. Like this one very much with the turquoise panel in it and…I watched your 'movie' about that exhibition. So nice to have seen you and lots of your quilt almost as if in real life 😉

  2. It's coming together! I like this duck egg centre significantly more than the beige one last time. But, how about a border that is predominantly red or purple? Just to see.

    What a beautiful set of fabrics – it's really going to sing!

  3. It looks fabulous! Love the gray border. I thought, after writing my comments last time, how odd in a way it is that we all feel so free to say that we “would do” one thing or another. I do it myself. The fact is, that I don't know what I'd do, and when I write that I would do A or B, at the most I mean I think I would try that option on. By now, I know for a fact that with regard to most of the ideas I have, I really can't tell whether they will work until I lay it out, take a few steps back and see what it looks like. I think I have a pretty good eye, and I can tell whether something works when I look at it. But quite frequently, something I really thought would work very well, turns out not to look right at all once I audition it.
    I was picking a narrow inner border for a quilt a week or so ago. I'd figured out a black/white print would look good, and even had the proportion of black vs, white pretty well figured out. Nevertheless, it took me quite a long time to find just the right print. It really surprised me how hard it was, and how many I rejected before finding the one I liked.

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