More playing…….

While I wait for my fabric order to arrive I decided to try out my new 8″ clamshell die and see how easy (or hard) they are to sew together by machine.  It isn’t too bad so I will work on it between other projects.  I also sewed together some 4 patches for another quilt I’m working on.  I helped a friend baste a quilt yesterday morning and then we went out for lunch so it was a fun day.


16 thoughts on “More playing…….

  1. I love your quilts. They sparkle like jewels. I just got and Accuquilt Go. I thought about getting the clamshell die so I look forward to seeing how your quilt comes along. Hugs

  2. I am completely in the dark about how you sew those together. Can you explain it in a little more detail? Not that I don't realize that your time is full and all that. 😉

  3. The clamshells look great – but I can't imagine piecing them,mon machine or by hand! More power to you! I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job, if that's what you decide to do!

  4. Bonjour de France

    J'attends impatiemment les explications de la couture machine des clamshells.
    Une question :que faites vous de tous vos quilts magnifiques ?


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