Warm day……..

I did more cutting yesterday morning and by afternoon it was 72 degrees so I went outside to do some yard clean up.  The weatherman last night said we won’t get another day that warm until the end of April.  It will be in the 40s today.  This is spring in Illinois.

Last night I got corners sewn on 16 more snowball blocks and now I need to move all of the blocks to a different design wall, the one with the best lighting for photographs.


11 thoughts on “Warm day……..

  1. Spring is rather fickle…. Not that warm here yet, but it gives me something to look forward to. NO sewing… painters are here… and the house is a disaster!

  2. Not only is it getting colder again but the winds just started picking up; such is our spring. At least it is a beautiful sun shiny day. Happy St. Pat's Day.

  3. I have been so glad to have 4 nice days when I first got to my daughter's in WI now I know it will be 6 days of 40's-50 but it sure was nice for that warm sunshine when I first got here – but at least I know I didn't over pack and the sweaters are now coming out of the suitcase and I'm glad I brought them! it will be garden work for me when I get home it looks like two cold days at home then back to the 60's for me.

  4. We have been in the low 90's and my allergies are at war with my head. I love the brown with aqua/green dot fabric. I used it in an appliqued turtle quilt last year and it was my favorite fabric in the quilt. This quilt will be fabulous!

  5. I don't know what is going on with blogger, but I have been unable to access your site until today. I could see the pictures on the main feed, but when I clicked on it the message was that the site was unavailable. I wanted to tell you that I LOVE the corners on both sets of blocks.

  6. These are beautiful Wanda! Each day I read your blog I think “I must go get some more Kaffe fabric before Wanda uses it all up!” But only wish I could use it with such beautiful results. It did feel like spring yesterday but I'm used to snow on top of the daffodils, aren't you?

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