Cutting more pieces……….

I’m cutting for three quilts at the same time.  These two shapes needed the same width strip for the die cutter.  The third quilt which I haven’t shown yet takes a different size strip.

I pressed the seams of the triangles and placed all of the blocks on the design wall.  This is a shot of the center of the group of 67 blocks that I have sewn so far.  Two friends are coming over today so I’ll continue cutting hexagons.  I don’t have any idea what size quilt this will be when finished.


17 thoughts on “Cutting more pieces……….

  1. You are so prolific, it's just not fair. In the time it takes me to decide my next project, you have 3 cut out and one well in progress! I love your Kaffe fabrics. Makes me want to get into my stash and create something wonderful. 😉

  2. the green you picked goes perfectly! I was in Chicago yesterday which I know is in your neck of the wood by an hour or so – while it was interesting I could tell after a short while that it is not the place for this country girl – I love my peace and quite too much – do you go there often?

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