More auditions…..

I like the bottom corner triangle choice (and it is the one Kaffe used in one of his quilts) and I thought maybe the green was what makes it work so well.  After trying three more green fabrics I decided it is the dark background with light dots that is the winning combination.  I do like the top green one too, the other 2, not so much.

I tried the top green with the light blocks too and it is OK if I want a more solid look to the quilt.  I have one more green to try today.  While I was down in the basement I cut other pieces with my die cutter.  I have a pile of scraps that needs taming.

Recently I got a little package in the mail from my blogger friend Sheila.  She came to my color class in NC in 2012 so I have met her in real life too.  She makes these teeny tiny zipper pouches and had the link to the pattern and a video link here on her blog.  I thought they were so cute but decided no way was I going to make one.  I was so excited to get one as a gift from her!


12 thoughts on “More auditions…..

  1. I can see the two colors you were down to as the stronger contenders. I'm learning 🙂 The little bag is adorable! How very sweet of her to make you one. I've looked at some of the mini quilts that people are doing lately and I'm just thinking, “nope, not for me.” I don't think my fingers or eyes could deal with anything that small. They're really cute, but I'm just going to concentrate on normal sized ones. Although I would like to make a few wall hanging size eventually – just not those itty, bitty, eensy, teensy ones, haha! I would be sausage fingers! Well, I hope everything is going great for you up there in the deep freeze!

  2. Good morning Wanda…What a nice surprise to receive from a former student, but I agree with you, way too tiny, and I definitely don't do itsy, bitsy, teenie weenie, and I don't mean, the yellow polka dot bikini! Enjoy the day.

  3. I agree with your triangle choice for top photo. Will now wait and see what you add audition for the other one.

    I LOVE your little gift from Sheila. And thanks for the link. I make little 'gifty' things too, and am tired of making those jewelry bags. This will be fun to duplicate.


  4. I agree with your evaluation of the fabrics for the corners. The light fan fabric is definitely a no-go.And while the dotted one with flowers and a light background is one of my very favorite kaffe fabric, it's not doing anyone any favors here. I do like the green, but I think this is one of those things that you have to see in “real life” and judge against your own filter.

    By the way, Candy Grisham was the speaker at our guild last night. She recently was at your studio to take the TAW workshop with you. I didn't realize you gave classes. Maybe I can get her to go again and I can come along. How do we find out about your workshops?

  5. I agree wi your choice for the top quilt. I'm not sure about the bottom one. If I were you, I'd check out some additional fabrics, maybe even other colors, before settling. It's exciting to see what happens!

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