More octagons………..

I added two more fabrics in the light colored octagons.  There are several snowball block quilts in Kaffe’s books.  In “Museum Quilts” the octagons are mostly light to medium in value and the corners were done with several different colors of shot cotton.  His darker block version in another book has corners made of the same fabric all through the quilt.  I haven’t been able to decide what fabric to use for the triangles that will be sewn on the corners and that is the only reason I haven’t finished one of these quilts yet.


11 thoughts on “More octagons………..

  1. You always make Kaffe Fassett fabrics in a quilt look beautiful. I have to confess that some of his fabrics do not appeal to me at all, however his flowers just sing to me. I know this will be a beauty when you are finished with it.

  2. Wanda, are you going to put squares between the octagons? If so, aren't you going to have to sew a million Y-seams? yikes! I'm currently (postponing) trying to figure out how to sew together alternating 16″ and 12″ blocks — I'll need to sew back the corners on the 16″ blocks, making them into octagons, and I don't think I can face it! But if Wanda can do it, I can do it!

  3. I had a quilt slump years ago and I was sparked out of the slump by a wild prints snowball quilt that had black and white corners. It was gorgeous. You make the light prints cornered with black and the darks with white. Makes an interesting square in the corners.
    I've made lots of snowballs since then. You don't have to use only one color… or even only 2. I made a red snowball with many colors of purple, a pink with green and yellow…you get the idea.
    Hope this helps you out.

  4. Several friends of mine participated in workshops with Kaffe and Brandon years ago in Atlanta, where they made snowball quilts. If I'm not mistaken, their quilts all tended towards being monochromatic and were generally in darker and more saturated colors than what you're showing here. I'm pretty sure that nobody used solid corner triangles. They all used a fabric with some type of pattern and print.

  5. Dear Wanda,
    This is my first time leaving a comment on your wonderful blog – although I look for new posts every day. I am a new quilter and you are such an inspiration to me. I love color, scrappy, improv and – OH, just everything you do.
    I have no idea what this suggestion would look like – but for the “behind” the octagons – could you go from dark to light – shades on a color like grey or maybe plums/pinks – I'd play with that and see what it might spark in the way of inspiration. Wish I was there 🙂

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