Second time around………..

In my hurry to get this top sewn together I didn’t notice that I was one strip short of the complete design.  Since I had a half strata left I fixed that and went ahead and added another strip to both sides so it now measures 74″ x 103″.

And here is another closeup of that wonderful center.


15 thoughts on “Second time around………..

  1. Hi Wanda. I love these TAW's your making and wish I could take your class but I live too far away. Have you thought of writing it up and selling a pattern? I bet there are others out there who would love to make one too.

  2. My favorite color combo of all time is red, black and white. And this top is stunningly beautiful. I have to admit that I lust over your fabrics!

  3. So glad you caught that before it was too late! I'm sure it would ve been great even without that last strip, and it's the kind of thing I definitely could've lived with but would've bothered some people to distraction if they discovered it only after the quilt was quilted and bound!
    The fabrics in this one really make it move!

  4. I haven't gone closely over your TAW tutorials yet. I just skimmed them until I am ready to start my own TAW. Is there a place in your tutorials that speaks to yardage? Is there a rule of thumb regarding yardage.
    I took wish I lived closer so I could take advantage of your classes. NJ is a little far.
    Thanks for your informative blog.

  5. Love it, with or without. Great colors. Yes, I would definitely buy a pattern. Or, take an online class if not a pattern. Maybe you already have a tutorial that would be in lieu of a pattern? Thank you.

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