Almost done…………and 3000 posts……..

Yesterday afternoon I cut 4.5″ squares from my flannel scraps for another quilt to work on at our twice monthly sew in today.  Then last night I started sewing this TAW together.  I have about 5 more strips to add and then I can press it and photograph it.  I’m thinking about bordering this one to make it a little larger.

This is my 3000th post.  It is amazing…..I didn’t think I would have enough to write about when I started my blog.  I consider it my public diary and a reference; I have looked back many times to see when I did a particular thing.  It is also my photo album, full of progress reports on several hundred quilts over a 7.5 year time period.


43 thoughts on “Almost done…………and 3000 posts……..

  1. congratulations and thank you for all your posts. I refer to your blog often for information as well as links to it at times. Your output astounds me.!

  2. Wanda, I would not be the quilter I am without your blogs. It keeps me going and makes me keep mine sort of up to date. I use yours as a reference also. It is amazing how much you pack into your blog. It is a true treasure trove. I want to be able to post daily, but can't seem to do it regularly. Getting the photos from the camera to the computer and cropped is my bottleneck.

  3. I have been blogging for about the same amount of time I didn't blog daily the first several years so have less than you do. I think you are one of the first blogs that I started to follow and have been amazed by your color choices so many times over the years – I always love looking at your quilts. If I ever have a question or ask for your advice you are always quick to respond – thanks for being there and sharing.

  4. Wanda, you are THE most reliable blogger out there. Like so many others, I read your blog every day. The amount of sewing you accomplish is astounding. Thanks for 3000 days of inspiration.

  5. Your dedication to your blog has blessed so many quilters over the years, myself included. Thank you so much for your excellent 'work'. Congratulations on your 3,000 blog posts! 🙂

  6. WOW – …”several hundred quilts over a 7.5 year time period”. That is just amazing! Not only that, but they are all so beautiful! Thanks Wanda for our daily dose of exuberant color inspiration!

  7. Congrats on your 3000th post. I certainly enjoy reading what you have been up to and seeing pix of your gorgeous quilts. Thanks for brightening my mornings!

  8. Congrats on 3,000! Your blog is one of my favorites and I usually read it first thing every morning with my first cuppa tea. Like catching up with a dear friend… Looking forward to many more blog posts to keep me inspired!

  9. As always, you amaze me with your creativity, colorful exuberance :), generosity and math skills. My morning reading would not be complete without settling in to see what you have been doing! Congrats on the 3000 milestone…we all enjoy what you show us daily and inspire us to achieve. Thank you Wanda!

  10. Congratulations! 3,000 is a bunch! It's a mega bunch and quite the achievement 🙂 I'm so glad that I found you and am getting to go on part of this journey with you. Your generosity is very appreciated and I thank you for the knowledge and insights you have given me!

  11. You are truly amazing and I so much appreciate you sharing all your beautiful work. 3000 posts is truly something to be proud of, along with your quilts!!
    Thank you!

  12. 3000 posts is certainly a great achievement – congratulations. I love reading your interesting blog and trying to get my head around your prolific output!
    Thanks so much for sharing your work, skills, and tips with us all from around the world who can't start the day without following our favourite blogs!

  13. What a milestone! I look forward to reading many more posts about your wonderful quilts. (And Christmas cacti. And other snippets of daily life.)

  14. Congratulations! I look forward to your posts and enjoy seeing your quilts and flowers, and reading about your activities and quilt stories. Keep posting!

  15. You are so organized and disciplined,mhere fore your blog is interesting to us and hekpful to you. I also started my blog as a record of my quilt said – and I even went back and added a bunch of quilts I'd made before I started the blog. But then about a year ago, due to a computer problem, I had to pause, and I've never gone back. I want to go back and catch my blog up to date, but the job becomes bigger and bigger the longer I wait, so there's no good reason not to do it now!

  16. I wish I was so disciplined!!! But alas I'm more like a chicken… and off to check out that sparkly thing… and I really don't have much to blog about, at least recently!

  17. Wanda, I love your blog and I so look forward to reading it every day. I sincerely hope you have another 3000 posts in you! The quilting world needs them. I always learn from you and am inspired by your stunning quilts. Your garden photos also please me because I live in the southwest and we do not have nearly your variety of foliage. However, I do share with you a love of amaryllis. I buy several every year and try to coax them to bloom on the following years. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not so much!

  18. Congratulations and thank you 3,000 to the 3,000th power for your blog. Your posts are either the last thing I see at night or the first thing I look for in the morning (depending on how late I have stayed up sewing ;->). I so look forward to your pictures–of every bloom inside, how your garden fares outside, the delicious treats, and, above all, your stunning quilts in glorious colors, as well as your insights into creativity, industry, and joy. Thank you again and again.

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