Students’ quilts……..

This is the one that I didn’t get a photo of at the last class.  It is a lap/couch quilt size.  Be sure to click and enlarge the photo to see all of the fabric choices.

I love how they look sewn together after the unpicking is all done.  Check back here to see this one in progress on the design wall.

The left side of this one is sewn and the right side was unpicked yesterday.  

A lot of class time was spent with fabrics the students brought.  We put them in order and figured out the cutting sizes for their future projects.

I put a pile of my fabrics on the table and had them work on an order for them.  The top row is the way they were when the students left.  I looked at them later in the day and decided to add one more light fabric and one more multicolor and pulled out 2 of the black/charcoal gray fabrics (the bottom row).


12 thoughts on “Students’ quilts……..

  1. Good morning Wanda, Are you going to make a quilt with the fabrics you had laid out for your students to put in order, because they are so striking and would make a beautiful quilt. I can see that I am lacking in the black, dark grey and lightly patterned whites. I will have to work on that. You must be very proud of the work your students are putting forth!

  2. Well done to all your students – they must be feeling proud of all their hard work – now it's your turn again with your new colour selection and I can't wait to see the results 🙂

  3. That red white blue pink turquoise one is right up my alley. Love it. The pink purple green blue one is pretty fascinating, too. I just have to try this someday. Thank you for your great photos and explanations on color and technique.

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