February recap……and TAW progress……

I had 3 finishes for February, one from 2014, one from 2013 and the flannel top finished and quilted in February.  

 I finished 2 quilt tops which I hope to quilt in March.  My goal is to quilt at least 2 older tops and these 2 new tops this month.  I also plan to finish piecing the last blocks for both the Blazing Star which I started last year and the Hunter Star which is more recent.

This is a portion of the latest student’s quilt.  There are a lot of neat larger prints used in this one and they create a lot of interest.

I finished unpicking all of the loops for my TAW and last night sewed 4 of the top to bottom long seams.  I want to finish sewing this together today.


11 thoughts on “February recap……and TAW progress……

  1. Yea!!! love the reds and your layout of color from blue to green is fun in the first quilt. Interesting are the large prints in a student's quilt, it works. Well done!

  2. Great Sunday post Wanda ! Love studying every photo. Not only are your colors Exuberant so are you. Accomplishing more than 10 of us could do together.


  3. Still quite a lot happening, even though not as many finished. But you knew you couldn't sustain that hectic schedule. That yellow, black and while quilt will really pop!

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