box of blocks………..

I needed a little springtime in the basement.  With temperatures going below 0 again last night it feels like winter will never end.
I was emptying some boxes and one of them was Strips that Sizzle blocks from 2009.  I just did a quick layout and then went back to my posts in 2009 to see some other layouts.  Here is one and another with these blocks.  Here is one more layout.  There are some pink and green blocks too and I put them together in several layouts here.  I also tried a vertical zig zag layout.  I’m not crazy about this on point layout so I’ll probably go back to one of the ones I previously tried in 2009 and get the blocks sewn into a top = one empty box.


18 thoughts on “box of blocks………..

  1. Out of all the layouts, I like the one with the central star in the first click back because it pulls together all the varied colors and makes a subtle underlying structure. Although the other layouts are nice, they feel like one of those coloring books with the graphic mazes which is ok if you are not susceptible to migraines like me.

  2. Good morning Wanda, My favorite would be the one with the center star, although they all sizzle, and are equally beautiful. Have a wonderful week-end. I see the shoulder orthopaedist on Wednesday and look forward to getting this taken care of.

  3. Wow! Purple and green make a great combination with all the different shades of each color. The first layout, the star, is my favorite, I like the way some of it looks 3D. Once again you are amazing.

  4. Purple and green: I like the one you featured today as it is like spring time violets ~ So pretty. The others are just a pretty as usual.

    We have an arctic front that has moved into our area. And it is cold but no snow. (*._,*)


  5. Amazing how many, and how different, quilts you can make with those blocks! I agree that the on point setting isn't the best. I'm also not crazy about the ones including the pinks – but it might just be because I saw them last and had gotten my mind and eyes used to the other color combination.
    I'd venture a guess that the direction for making these blocks appear with the original lay-outs? They look like so much fun that I might want to try something like it some day.

  6. I love all of them. I almost didn't click through to the other layouts because I thought the first one was perfect and I couldn't possibly like any of the others more. But I loooove the star! My least favorite was the zigzag but there is just something about those colors that is dynamite together. So pretty! I can't wait to see what you decided.

  7. I kind of like the bottom one on October 8 (last post with the pinks) it is really interesting. How big will it be if you put it together in that configuration? Too big for a wall?

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