Not a stitch………

I came across a whole pile of old quilt magazines (oldest one 1997) so hoping that I could get rid of some I started looking through them and marking a few quilts that I might want to make.  Only 3 magazines are getting tossed out.

A couple days ago I received a package with some new fabrics in it.  I am not fond of a lot of new lines of fabric but this group got my attention and I needed some half yards of them.


24 thoughts on “Not a stitch………

  1. I bought the first one with the writing all over it at Houston. I bought a yard. They were all sold out of everything else. I have been looking for new B&Ws because they are hard to find and I use them up. I don't like much of the new fabric either. The values and colors are too washed out 50s which is when I was born. I remember hating the colors as a little kid. They seemed so weak and phony.

  2. I find it funny that you are only tossing 3 magazines out of a large stack of magazines, I am not a fan of quilting magazines, rarely buy them and have a small stack put aside that I looked through recently and decided to toss almost all of them.

  3. I always have that problem..thumb through the mags, think “what was I thinking?!” at the projects marked but then new ones call to me and I must keep the mags! UGH What is that new line you got? I LOVE those black & whites (at least that's what they look like).

  4. I started buying old quilt magazines from the 1970's at antique stores paying $1.00 each for them. I also have others from the 80's and now they all number about 300. I started reading through them as I watch TV and I mark the quilts that I love. I am a traditional quilter anyway so they fill my needs exactly. I like your printed fabrics.

  5. The fabrics are pretty it just bugs me that the designer lumped accounting ledger paper into a group called Architextures. Creative license? You could buy many of these at QuiltCon for $11 – $12 a yard.

  6. LOL, sounds familiar. 😀

    I am already finding unpredicted uses for my Carolyn Friedlander fabrics, so I predict you may find you need more! They are very useful. Have fun with them!

  7. What is this line of fabric? I think I need some!
    I'm getting better at throwing quilting magazines away after I read them, if nothing jumps out at me. When I'm ready to make a new quilt, I'm sure I'll find a pattern and never will make anything from the mag.

  8. Beautiful fabric. I try to go through them every few months and tear the ones I want to make out and put them in a binder in page protectors. I recycle the rest.

  9. Isn't that the way with magazines? You think that because they are so old there is nothing in them that would interest you. But several years later you are looking at them with different eyes and see things that you didn't like or notice previously!

  10. I have the same problem with magazines. Whenever I decide I'm going to be ruthless and just toss them, they all seem to want to stay longer Apart from quilting magazines there is also a stack of teddybear ones.
    Nice fabrics,
    Elizabeth in Cape Town

  11. love your fabrics. quilting magazines are funny. I too have a group to go through. they are such inspiration but if you dont make the quilts inside they collect dust. I put the quilts patterns in a binder for future and throw out the rest. sometimes it is just seeing the same pattern done differently that catches our eye.

  12. I have been cutting the pages I want out of quilting magazines and slipping them into clear page protectors. I have 2 notebooks full. I have saved on shelf space and it is easier to find something I want instead of going through stacks of magazines. Because of the internet I find I am not adding much to my notebooks anymore.

  13. I loved Quilter's News Magazine and subscribed for 20+ years. So looked forward to reading it every month. Now I don't buy many magazines but I have that large pile of old ones that I go through sometimes for fun. They still inspire.

    Great fabric! The mustard color in that line is pretty nice too.

  14. Hi, Wanda –
    Could I trouble you to let me know which magazine and issue the red Nancy Rink quilt is in? I'll bet I have it saved (somewhere)! Thanks so much – Ila

  15. We all have our own little ways of dealing with the issue of old magazines! I read through my mags fairly carefully, and if I see a pattern or anything else I think I might use, I tear it out. I have a filing system, and eventually what I've torn out is filed. I doubt I'll ever use more than a small fraction of what I file, but I definitely use some of the patterns. Likewise, I'll never use most of what I have in the many books I've bought! Once I've finished a magazine, i pass it on to friends – usually at a retreat. Even though a few pages might be missing, there's still lots to enjoy. And most of my friends don't subscribe to as many mags as I do.

  16. I love the Friedlsnder fabrics as well as many of the modern fabrics. In fact I like them a lot more and find them a lot more irresistible than the Kaffe prints! I'm falling for the whole modern quilting style – which in many ways is not very new – too! It's too bad, because the last thing I need is more fabric!
    I think a lot of the new fabrics appeal to my Scandinavian sense of style, there tends to be something Scandinavian over a lot of the new prints.

  17. I have the same problem with magazines. Can't get rid of them because every one has a pattern I really like, and sometimes the ones I marked aren't the ones I like now, but others are.

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