Quilting again……….

I quilted this flannel quilt with a really big meander so that the quilt will be really soft.  I had a 60″ wide brushed cotton print that feels like suede to use on the back.  I’ll show that tomorrow.  I need to pick binding fabric today and get it sewn on.

I have been sorting and moving some of my Kaffe fabrics.  Someone said there weren’t many light fabrics in his line but that is not true.  I have them sorted into 4 groups and will be thinking about how I am going to use them.


10 thoughts on “Quilting again……….

  1. Very pretty eye candy this morning. I knew I had quite a few light ones, but I honestly get so turned on by the brights, I ignore the lights. Now I won't, they look gorgeous.

  2. Can hardly wait to see the backing for your flannel quilt. Love the meandering quilting, it definitely goes with a flannel. . . and pretty pastels.


  3. I don't notice Kaffe's lighter fabrics or maybe the quilt store doesn't carry them. Ha! Setting them aside like this really lets them shine on their own–nice photo!

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