First February finish……

I used 9 different fabrics in the binding for this quilt.  I was able to match up greens and blues to the areas in those colors.  This one ended up 59″ x 76.5″ so it is a nice size couch quilt.

The inspiration for this quilt was “Crossroads” in “Colorful Quilts” by Amy Walsh and Janine Burke from Blue Underground Studios.  I have to admit though that I didn’t follow the cutting directions in the book.  I just sliced through the squares randomly.

I took it off the design wall and them remembered I hadn’t shown the backing and I’m going to try to remember that for all of my quilts this year.  I hung it back up, not quite as straight but it does show the backing fabric which I got on sale.


30 thoughts on “First February finish……

  1. Hi Wanda! You know how I keep saying I love your quilts? Well, now you've really used my favorite colors/color combination in the world. There is just something about blue and green for me, I think I can just feel my blood pressure drop and my lips start to curl up. It's not that I don't love the other colors, I do! But these are just special. I like how you placed your colors in the quilt. For me, and it's a personal taste thing, I guess, but I also like the divisions to be mixed, not matched perfectly. This seems more natural to me. I know my daughter, who otherwise hardly has a fault haha 🙂 would totally disagree. She would want to “fix” it and get all those lines to be longitudinally and latitudally correct. This to me would be far too regimented and take away some of the beauty of it. I find no fault in liking the straight line and sometimes even have the same reaction. I seem to be surrounded by only the “fixers” though. They tolerate me fairly well, considering, but it would be nice to have another Bohemian soul around.
    Even I can't believe how long winded I get. All this is just to say, once again, Wanda, that I LOVE YOUR QUILT, haha. Just felt like shouting. I really do think it's so lovely 🙂

    Beth. P.S. Stay safe and off the snow as much as possible, please!

  2. I like the simple style of this one a lot! Of course the color combo is probably a big influence too. It catches the eye and is quite soothing. A super great finish and I love to mix up my bindings on scrappy quilts.

  3. love this piece as you were making it I was thinking I had the perfect fabric combo to make one too but I have so many going I really need to stop thinking like that and keep on with my finishing things and starting only a couple new at a time.

  4. another beautiful quilt, the colors! you certainly live up to your blog name. the size 59 x 76.5 “a nice size couch quilt” – I have a couple of family weddings coming up that I wanted to make quilts for but dreaded making a big bedsize quilt. I like this idea, couch size, and hopefully that is appropriate for a wedding gift. Once again love the colors in this one and the way they transition from top left to bottom right, blue to green. You are truly an artist!

  5. What an eyeful of gorgeous color (and inspiration) on such a dreary day here in IL! Love the idea of the “scrappy” binding. Your backing is perfect. My lips are curling too! Gotta be the blue. As always…a WANDAFUL! quilt!

  6. Naturally I love all your quilts, but for some reason, this one seems to be really special to me. One of the comments says it is a 'show stopper' and I agree. Just a fabulous quilt.

  7. OH WOW Wanda ! ! ! This one is “My Blue Heaven” Another one that takes my breath away. And a perfect backing. Plus your multi colored binding makes a perfect finish with your blending of blue 'n greens.


  8. Did you have the backing in your stash for awhile? It really matches so well. This makes me happy to see people using their beloved fabrics in such nice quilts. I like the design & am glad you didn't ” follow the rules”. It is made in your style & it is wandaful!! Hahaha. I made a new word!!

  9. Just lovely! I can tell from your dimensions that my blocks are a lot larger than yours. I cut 7.5″ squares and the skinny inserts 1.5″ wide. I squared the blocks to 7.5″ after doing the inserts.

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