Hand stitching…….

I used a lot of different blue and green fabrics for the binding on this quilt.  I had a lot of strips that weren’t full width (45″) and decided to use them up.  I have 3 sides hand sewn already.

There are four blooms on this stalk so far and one more bud on the top getting ready to bloom.


12 thoughts on “Hand stitching…….

  1. You have so many beautiful amaryllis plants….do you keep them from year to year and do they rebloom for you? If so, what is your secret for getting these flowers to bloom again? I love them and always have them over the Christmas holidays but I don't know the secret to getting them to bloom the following year.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished version of this. I'm actually working on a quilt – inspired by yours – in greens and purples, using roughly that pattern, though I'm not sure if the dimensions are the same as I don't know what yours are. I'm hand piecing mine, so it's a lot slower than yours!

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