Quilting finally………..

I threaded my longarm right after lunch but it was after 4 p.m by the time I turned the machine on.  Once I get started I’m fine, just need the push to start.  I got this one quilted and trimmed by 6:30.  Then I cut backing and batting for the flannel top made of squares that I just finished but I wanted to do another quilt with the blue thread on the machine first.

I cut the batting and pieced the backing for this one and started quilting it about 8:30 and finished a little after 10.

I did loop-de-loop on this one and got it trimmed too.  Today I need to look for 2 bindings and decide if I’m going to do them all by machine.


13 thoughts on “Quilting finally………..

  1. Good morning Wanda…You continue to bowl me over with how much you accomplish is one 24 hour period. I love the colors and the quilts, along with the little wonky table runner from yesterday's post. It's so you! Stay warm and enjoy your day.

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