A social day……..

I finally finished knitting this scarf while watching the last episodes of “the Mentalist” last night.  My daughter sent me the corn and cotton blend yarn for Christmas.  I still need to block it and right now it is about 66″ long.  I haven’t blocked any knitting for years so I don’t remember if it will lose length when the width gets pulled into shape.  

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and while not talking and laughing (lots of laughing) I pieced the backing for my blue batik 16 patch quilt and got it loaded on the longarm.  Maybe I’ll actually have a finish this month.

A couple nights ago I quilted this table runner with 12wt. variegated thread.  It isn’t quite as wonky in shape as it looks here.  The photographer (me) was not holding the camera straight over it.  I have to choose binding now and I’m thinking probably red or orange and dotted since all of the fabrics have dots.


10 thoughts on “A social day……..

  1. We too had to watch the final episode of the Mentalist. (*._,*)

    Your scarf is lovely, I have heard of several cotton blends but not corn. I am going to 'google' it soon as I send this off.

    Table runner just makes me smile, great array of dotted fabrics. Will look forward to seeing the binding on this one.

    Happy to hear you had a fun day with friends. JJM

  2. Love the table runner. I made a TAW quilt where all the fabrics had dots, including the backing and the binding. The only exception was one little square which was, of course, a zebra. He had stripes 🙂

  3. I didn't realize you were also a knitter. Lovely scarf and gorgeous color. I've never heard of yarn with corn in it either, but I have a friend who has several bags of wool mixed with golden retriever that she intends to spin and knit!

    Re blocking, the scarf doesn't have to get shorter, as long as you don't pull it to make it to wide. If you had a pattern, there might be dimensions given, and you block to those dimensions. By now (Feb 28), perhaps you've already blocked it!

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