Designing done……..

I finished sewing the stratas and now need to get busy sewing.  I need this off the wall before Monday when my next TAW class starts.  After seeing it all up there I think I would have rather had the lavender at the top which would have put half of the blue at the top of the quilt and half at the bottom.  I still love it though.  It ended one strip short of a full match to the left edge but that won’t be noticeable on a bed.  This one should finish around 80″ x 100″.

Here are the 2 Amaryllis blooms together.  The one on the left is in its final stage and starting to droop a little.  I think there might be 5 flowers on the one to the right, 2 bloomed so far.


14 thoughts on “Designing done……..

  1. A nice Sunday treat to go back and look at your week of posts. Your TAW students work, so wonderful, monthly sew in flannel, Amaryllis blossoms, and today your sensational stratas ready to be stitched together.

    Better than looking at any quilting book. I can zoom in and see all your great detail.

    We still are enjoying a winter of springtime temps. And I see you are in good ole IL. winter temps.


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