I started cutting the strips for this quilt after my students left on Tuesday and finished cutting it yesterday.  I’m never too excited about it at this stage but once I start unpicking seams and designing on the wall it comes to life.  I ran out of energy last night so this morning I will press it and sew the last seam to make it into a tube.  There are 3 Martha Negley fabrics in there in addition to Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs fabrics.


13 thoughts on “Strata…………….

  1. Since I have never made one of these quilts I have a question. If I wanted to have a yellow solid and then a yellow print and then a blue solid and blue print etc, etc, etc, would that come out a a solid and a print of the same color next to each other? My Mom made a beautiful one which my daughter has and I have admired for years and would love to make one like it. Her quilt has about 5 solid peach ones down the center of the quilt and the next row is peach print and then blue solid and blue print. Mom did hers all by hand, no machine involved. Naturally I don't want to hand sew all the seams and the way you do it is definitely the way I would do it. Hope you can help..

  2. To me this is gorgeous, beautiful colours all going together in order, and although orange, red or pink are not “my colours”, I think in a quilt like this they are just the answer. Waiting to see more,

  3. I'll anxiously wait to see how this turns out. I cannot imagine it at all, even seeing the strata put together. But, of course, so much depends on how you decide to pick them apart. Do you know already how to do it? You don't have to tell what you're going to do, I'm just cautious whether you know already what it will look like.

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