Second class……….

It took 3 weeks to get a nice weather day to have class 2 of the January TAW class.  This one by JH is a couch quilt that will lay over a gray couch.

This one by SW is a large couch quilt. You can go back to this post to see the starts of the layouts on Jan. 20th.  I love the border fabric on this quilt.

This one by BD is a wallhanging size and we were auditioning for borders.  The fourth student had to go to a dentist appt. and I’m sure she would rather have been with us.

It is so much fun to see the fabrics that the students bring to class and to see quilts start to come to life on the design wall and then it is a treat to see them all sewn together.


13 thoughts on “Second class……….

  1. It's wonderful to see student's work be so successful. That is evidence to a good teacher. On BD's quilt….I really like the border fabric on the left…with the dark inset. But then all the fabrics would work great. Decisions!

  2. What beautiful quilts Wanda…..just goes to show what a great teacher you are. Hopefully I will be able to attend a future class! The fabric to the upper left of the audition quilt is spectacular, and would make a lovely border.

    I see we are in for some extremely cold, bitter temperatures, with no sun till next Monday. Brrrrrrr. Stay warm.

  3. It's lovely to see all these finished quilts on display – well done to all your 'students'. Although I love blues and purples, the JH quilt really stood out for me. I love the use of the fabrics with small prints, helping to blend from one colour to another, like the black squares with the white curls.

  4. Every one is superb, but BD's, love those colours, and I agree with the others, the left hand one with a darker insert strip is my pick for the border. You are a wonderful tutor, and this shows even more with these photos.

  5. What a wonderful show of TAW quilts. Each is unique and wonderful in its own way. I have to say I like the left side border options on BD's quilt. The thinner dark blue inner border does a great job of stopping the eye movement and then POW great modern looking fabric. I suspect the right side fabric might do well also but it doesn't look as vibrant as the quilt. You've done a great job with your students. I'm sure they are thrilled with their results.

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