The other quilt………

I worked on the other quilt, the light blocks yesterday.  I pieced some of them with 2 different sets of 4 patches and also cut some setting triangles to see if I liked it on point.

Today is the second half of a TAW class, the one where I teach them all of the different ways of putting an assortment of fabrics together for a successful Trip Around the World.


6 thoughts on “The other quilt………

  1. I wish I could be a fly upon the wall at your classes! Two of my absolute, set in stone quilting goals for myself is to make a really great TAW and a really great Color Wash. Not surprisingly, these two goals came after I saw your work on your blog! Right now, though, I'm just working on basics and loving it whenever I can get into my sewing room!

  2. Yet another winner of a quilt.
    If you teach how to put the fabrics together in the second part of the class, what do you teach in the first part? Seems to me that you'd have to put the fabrics together before you can do much of anything else?

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