Still auditioning……..

I made more double 4 patch blocks and then decided to see if there was any other fabric i wanted to try in the alternate blocks.  I really want to use this teapot fabric in something.  I notice in the photo that it is a one way design and I have 2 blocks turned the wrong way.  I’ll continue making blocks and auditioning fabrics and the answer will come some day.


10 thoughts on “Still auditioning……..

  1. The teapots were one of the first things I noticed! They are super cute. And, as usual, I love all that color!
    Magistra13 at yahoo dot com


    I notice you have at least two die-hard Beth fans 🙂

  2. I like the combination of the 4 patches with the 16s. It gives your eye a place to settle on. I love the teapots…they work well even on their I always seem to turn a directional fabric the wrong way.

  3. I had to look twice to see the teapot fabric. I thought the entire piece was 16 patch blocks! I have some pastel floral 16 patch blocks I started some time ago. I will have to move them up to the top the UFO pile after seeing how beautiful your top is coming along!

  4. I visit your blog often. It really should come with a warning label. “drool alert, get yourself a hanky before proceeding further” I drool all over my keyboard each time I visit and get excited by all the pretty colors.

    Anyway, I wanted to email you but my computer won't let me use your email link. Just wanted to let you know some spam is showing up in your comments. I saw them as I looked at your posts then read some comments. One that I remember off the top of my head is the January 2 post comments. The last one at the bottom. I recognize the spam because stuff like it shows up on my blog frequently. I can give you my email estesanita at bellsouth dot net just in case your computer won't let you email me either.

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