Many stages of play………

The first thing I did was remove the alternate fabric I tried yesterday. Then I added two double 4 patch blocks to see if they would play well with the 16 patches.  I like them in there.

Then I removed all of the lightest blocks and cut 4 squares of a new alternate fabric.

I put the light blocks with the alternate fabric from yesterday.  I think I am making 2 quilts.

One of the Amaryllis bulbs that I bought on sale in January is blooming.  This is really a pale color, paler than the usual Apple Blossom color.

This is the only cactus that has more than one bloom right now.


10 thoughts on “Many stages of play………

  1. Two quilts is wonderful and very attractive. The cactus I have isn't doing much. I think it needs more light. Don't like to move them to far, but may need to. It gets East light now, but not direct light. Chris

  2. Wow! I am so glad that I did not miss this post; I went back and read yesterday's as well. Looks like the darker floral is so happy with the blocks, and I love the idea of a second quilt with the lighter blocks. I love Kaffe Fassett but find it difficult to work with — you have given me a ton of ideas! This quilt is going to be breathtaking!

  3. What fun it is to see a solid block of fabric used along with your checkered blocks. And the diagonal row of small squares set into what looked like a solid print 'till I enlarged the photo.

    Your winter blossoms have to brighten your day. They are so pretty.


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