Prep work…….

This is the quilt I have been working on at the twice monthly sewing group.  Because of limited table space I am doing the construction in three pieces.  The top piece is all sewn together.  The second piece is connected by thread in the vertical seams.

The third section also has vertical seams sewn and I have pressed all of the seams in both sections 2 and 3.  I will probably save the cross seams for our next sewing day.  This is all 4.5″ squares cut from the scraps of several of the flannel quilts that I made last year.  It should end up about 56″ x 76″.


11 thoughts on “Prep work…….

  1. Good morning Wanda…Flannel is probably what I work with most, because of all the baby and toddler items I make, and even all the grandchildren, 16 to 36 love getting the soft flannel quilts with which to cuddle. Love all the scraps used in your quilt, which I will do when I get around to it. That fabric I asked you about doesn't seem to be available any more, but thanks for the info.
    Have a great day…too cold to do anything but stay inside.

  2. I love the look of your quilt. I am not a fan of flannel, I guess I remember what it looks like after being washed many times. I am making some dog beds out of my scrap flannel I picked up at a thrift store, they will love it and it's easy to wash.

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