Looking for borders……..

This is the TAW that will be a tablecloth for my kitchen table.  This is one option for a border.  The narrow black is just leftover strips and will be narrower in the finished project.

Either one of these options will work.  I just need to make up my mind whether I want it whimsical or ‘grown up’.


17 thoughts on “Looking for borders……..

  1. I would go for the chicken and eggs. I hate making choices when they both look good. My next project is a Halloween quilt for my kitchen table. I use my quilts all the time for my tables as they are glass topped and I hate cleaning them. Enjoy your day.

  2. Good morning Wanda…..Since when have you been 'grown up' and not whimsical, where your quilting is concerned? And besides, the word begins with W, another adjective where Wanda is concerned. On another note, that black, red and white fabric is so striking! Would you be willing to provide me with the name and manufacturer of the material, but with my luck, it's probably a discontinued line.
    More snow today, just what we need. Stay warm, and have a great day!

  3. Two good choices!! Is there enough to use one as a backing??? Then you could flip it over, depending on your mood. I really love the second one with the quilt top. Good Luck. Glad to see you got the slip on over the shoe ice walkers. I have a pair for walking my dogs. I fell once, walking in a street and conked my head into concrete. I saw stars. Am very careful were ice is concerned now. Takes awhile to recover from a fall.

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