Finish #10 for January…..and a TAW fabric lesson……..

The fifth and final Wonky wallhanging was finished by my deadline last night.  It is the largest of the 5 finishing at 38″ across the top, 36.5″ across the bottom and 47″ tall.  I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I have one word names for the other 4.

Here it is on the left with 2 of the others from the series.  This wall is 8′ across and too small to get all 5 pieces on at one time.  This is the second one that I trimmed straight on the edges, like the top right one.  The bottom right was left wonky as were the other two.  I will make a collage with all 5 at a future date.

I have had questions about choosing fabrics for a Trip Around the World (TAW) quilt.  I have set up the fabrics 3 different ways.

In the photo above there are 4 color groups arranged with the light touching the dark of the next color in line.  This would make 4 rings in the “trip” with a bold impact.  In the second photo the same groups are placed with the dark ends of 2 colors touching which in turn will make the light ends meet.  With this arrangement there will be 2 rings in the “trip” with more of a blend.  This link will take you to a post with a quilt made with this arrangement.  Scroll down past the yellow quilt.  it is made with rust/tuquoise/rose/purple.

This third photo is all of the same fabrics dealing with value only and mixing all 4 colors together.  This is a colorwash TAW selection first showing the darks meeting and then……..

moving 1/2 of the pieces to the other end so the lights are meeting.  Since it will be sewn into a tube these 2 photos give you the best image of what the whole tube will look like.  I make most of my TAWs as a colorwash TAW, with as smooth of a blend as I can and one huge ring in the “trip”.


19 thoughts on “Finish #10 for January…..and a TAW fabric lesson……..

  1. A most excellent post with your details on fabric layout. a concise primer on what happens and why. Thank you….hope all will read and learn.
    Great finish on the wonky wall hanging….it reminds me of looking down a stairwell and seeing the steps spiral down.

  2. Have you used Vertigo yet as a name?That's what I think of looking at your quilt. Both the Hitchcock movie and the condition 😉

    I adore the colors you are going to use next.

  3. Good morning Wanda on this very beautiful and, at the same time, treacherous Sunday morning. I was so pleased to see the layouts you posted today. They will be so helpful down the road when I finally get to make the quilt. Make sure you don't attempt to go out today….just stay in and create!

  4. I look with amazement at all your “trip” quilts. I've thought about taking a class from you, but the weather and winter classes make driving that far unwise. Have you thought of teaching the class on Craftsy or a similar format? I would sign up for that class in a heartbeat! Thanks for the daily eye candy and the lessons on color.

  5. The whole set of three looks amazing together. What a great installation that could be with them all! Food for thought. Thanks for the inspiration, again, Wanda!

  6. Happy February!! You got a lot done in January. Thanks for the detailed scheme of TAW layouts. It breaks it down so easily to get the results a person would want. I also like the colors you picked to show, not all in one color range. The value makes the largest difference. We are getting snow!!

  7. I love the blending in the last set of photos. Hope you have not got a huge dump of snow. It started here in Buffalo about 3 and is forecast for the next 24 hours. When I look at the map, Chicago is still getting it. Stay safe, it is really cold out there.

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