Down to the wire………..

How bad do I want finish #10 in January?  Pretty bad!  I have 3 1/2 rounds left to quilt, then trim the edges and sew on the facings like I have done on the other 4 Wonky quilts in this series.  I don’t have any other plans for today at this point so I think I will make it.  A snow storm is supposed to start in the late afternoon/early evening.

I unpicked a few more loops at the proper places to continue the design on this TAW.  


13 thoughts on “Down to the wire………..

  1. If you make your mind up you will make it. I plan on cooking some this morning and then going in to make some sense of the sewing room. Amazing what can be accomplished when you set your mind to it. Good luck on getting it accomplished. Chris

  2. You will do it! We here in nw NJ are expecting 6-12 inches beginning late afternoon Superbowl Sunday. This means no work/snow day Monday and a whole day of quilting.
    Is there a tutorial that you have done on TATW? Is there a “tip” about choosing the colors for this pattern?

  3. Congrats on #10 finish for January, woohoo! I clicked on your facings link back to September 2014 when you were explaining this, it makes sense, just like sewing a facing on a garment, thanks for the info. What do you do with all these quilts? love that you name them all – TILT!

  4. You are incredible! I just started following your blog a couple of months ago. Since then, you post picture after picture of new starts, finishes, wips. Each one gorgeous, exciting, amazing. I'm starting to wonder if you are some sort of cyborg that doesn't need sleep??
    We'll done on achieving your goals and really pushing through.

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