#8 finish for January……….

My plan was to finish a lot of the small pieces first this year to get the number of quilt tops reduced faster.  This piece is a little under 21″ square and was finished last night. 

During the day yesterday I helped a friend baste a quilt on my big tables.  Lots of good conversation too.

This closeup shows the binding fabric better.

That is 8 finishes; 4 in the first 10 days, 4 in the next 11 days.  I’m hoping to finish 4 more in the last 10 days.  I have started a new project which I’ll show tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “#8 finish for January……….

  1. Wanda, you are a quilting machine. Finishing a project always makes me feel so good. Great job on all the quilts you have completed this month, teaching classes , baking I don't think I could ever keep up to you,but you and your work are an inspiration to me.
    Thanks for all you do. Cant wait to see your new project.

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