Binding already……….

I have just a little bit of interior quilting to do on this quilt so I trimmed the edge, cut the binding and sewed it on and am about 3/4 done with the hand sewing.  I’m sure most people would have chosen a nice quiet solid color for the binding but not me.  I decided both the front and back are loud and busy so why not use a busy print for the binding.  I like it and I guess that is what counts.


26 thoughts on “Binding already……….

  1. The bright binding brings the fun of the quilt right to the edge! Looks great! And you are certainly on a roll with your finishes for the New Year! I enjoy seeing all your designs and fabric choices

  2. That is the perfect binding fabric for this quilt, and one I probably would never have thought of. Once again, your color sense is fantastic. Looks like a Kaffe Fasset fabric.

  3. I'm certain that I would've chosen a solid binding :). And I'm equally certain that on your quilts, whatever you like is what's right. There is no quilt police.
    Now that I've seen how great your choice of binding looks,who knows, I might even be a little braver myself in the future. You are, as always, an inspiration.

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