Quiltiing, baking……….

I wasn’t sure I would do much quilting on this X and + quilt yesterday.  I decided to just do a couple lines but once I started though I got about 2/3 of it quilted.

I am just ditch quilting it because I want the focus to be on the fabrics, not the quilting.  I’m using a raspberry variegated Superior King Tut thread and it is blending in most places.

Last night I baked 2 batches of Spritz cookies for the birthday party Sunday.  Today I will bake the chocolate cupcakes and then mix the dough for the 2 batches of cookies for Monday and Tuesday.


11 thoughts on “Quiltiing, baking……….

  1. Good morning Wanda…Your spritz cookies look so pretty and yummy. I love to bake, and cookies are my favorite. Another colorful quilt of yours' is almost finished and look forward to seeing the end result.

    I took your advice and used my large ice pack to put on my shoulder. Stan tied it on for me, and it did feel a little better, so I did it twice yesterday and will keep doing it to see if I get the same results you did. Thanks!

  2. Your cookies look yummy, today is baking day here too. A friend is doing something nice for us tomorrow and I will gift her a box of fudge, cookies and Peanut Butter cupcakes, of course I will need to sample all of them to make sure they are good enough !

  3. Wish I could just grab one cookie out of your box—-good thing you don't have smell-a-blog or I would be in trouble. Never had chocolate spritz—my mother in law always makes the little green trees for Christmas & my sons devour them immediately!! Your quilt is looking good—so many bright colors!! We are going to have good weather this weekend & hope you do too!!

  4. I am in love with your use of color and fabric. I would love to see your quilts in person. I visit the quad cities sometimes, is Sandwich very far from there? My computer isn't working right cos I can't post unless I do it anonymous.

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