Quilting again………..

This is the baby quilt I prepared for quilting on Sunday.  It is only about 37″ x 45″.  I did a medium size meander so loading, quilting and trimming took about an hour.

I couldn’t decide which color to use for binding so I chose a stripe with lots of colors.  I usually machine finish the binding on baby quilts but I think I’ll hand stitch this one.

I got the bobbins wound, the straight stitch machine threaded so I’m ready to start quilting the X and + quilt today.  



11 thoughts on “Quilting again………..

  1. I am curious. Why would you choose to quilt on a domestic machine when you have a longarm? Is it something to do with the quilt itself? Your work is beautiful as always!

  2. This still an excellent choice for a baby quilt…. No sewing for me… sorting and packing all the things I have, but can live without for 6 months or so.

  3. Love this quilt! Great “neutral” background, i love the way you used all different neutrals. Im working on something similar right now for a baby quilt!! Different pattern, but same idea, bright central squares surrounded by neutral borders. Im hand piecing, so its slow, but like the blocks so far. Just using various fabrics i have, so its fairly scrappy.

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