Finish #4………….

I finished the hand sewing on the binding late yesterday afternoon on this Stack and Slash quilt, the 4th finish in 10 days!  It is 62″ x 76″.

I am going to try to remember to show the backing on every quilt this year.  That is as far as I will go with New Year’s resolutions.

Here is a better shot of the quilting.  The wavy lines go the long way on the quilt, top to bottom.

I had the most wonderful day yesterday.  A friend who I used to see a lot in the 1990s and her husband who I met on Bee night at her house over 20 years ago drove out to Sandwich.  It was so good to see them again.  I showed her lots of quilts and my work spaces.  She brought 2 quilts to show me too, one of them is here.  She also brought me this box of candy.  It is the most delicious chocolate I have had in a long time.  I started on the ones with the crunchy dots and then I noticed another layer underneath with letters on top of each piece.  There is a little guide inserted in the box to tell what flavor each letter represents.  I love that, no surprises! 


19 thoughts on “Finish #4………….

  1. It is always good to see old friends. You are rolling right along with you quilt making. Your friend's quilt was magnificent. I am finally back to doing some sewing. Today am working on a embroidered pillow for a gift. Yesterday finished off a Halloween quilt where I had to change the rod pocket and make it wider. It is always good to get a project done and more exciting to start a new one. Stay warm!!!

  2. I made and sewed bindings on four comfort quilts yesterday- just have to sew them on the back. I use the glue binding method which I know you do not like, but I wash every quilt after finishing. Love the link to your friend's quilt!! If I lived closer, I would stop in with chocolate spong candy. It is a Buffalo specialty item. Sounds gross, but is melt in your mouth wonderfulness.

  3. Love the quilt! I'm preparing to start quilting a stack of veteran's quilts and some of my fast quilts. Some will get your wavy like and loops treatment. I like it a lot.

  4. Hi, Wanda!

    This is my favorite of the quilts you've shown recently. I've been waiting for the “portrait” finish! Wonderful!


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