Getting there…….

Yesterday was the twice monthly sew-in so I took this quilt with me to work on the hand sewing part of the binding.  I got almost 2 sides done there.  I came home and watched the first episode of season 5 of Downton Abbey and finished it.

I matched the print when I sewed the seam on the backing and it is hardly visible at all.

Then while watching the news and weather I sewed the binding on this small piece and got 1 1/2 sides hand sewn.  I hope I can finish the binding on this one and the batik one by Saturday night to have 4 finishes in the first 10 days of January.  Then I will be ready for round 2.


22 thoughts on “Getting there…….

  1. Both are wonderful! Doesn't feel so good to have those finishes already for the month? I will have my first finish this weekend and will be spending the weekend getting other quilts ready to be quilted.

  2. I'm surprised how well the border works on the top quilt. I would've never expected a light border to look so good on a top where all the fabrics were so saturated. But it looks great! Just goes to show that it's always worth the trouble to test the unlikely, it might turn out to be the best!

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