Lots of quilting…………

Since this quilt was loaded on my longarm I quilted it before noon.  It is wavy lines with occasional loops going the length of the quilt.

I cut the binding right away and sewed it on last night and started the hand stitching.

Then in the afternoon I loaded this quilt and quilted it too.  I did random lines not intended to be straight but not wavy either.  Picture me walking sideways as I guide the machine head the entire length of the quilt.  Wobbles happen and I like the look.  

You can get a better idea from the back.  The perfectionist quilters are cringing right now….   I like casual quilting, not formal quilting.  This is a fun quilt and it needed fun quilting, not perfectly executed motifs.

My choice for the binding is a Kaffe yarn dyed stripe fabric.

Then last night while watching TV I quilted this small colorwash piece.  I have been using this one as a sample in classes for about 5 years.  I used monofilament thread and ditch quilted it.

Since the backing was multicolor I used a variegated thread in the bobbin.

It was easy to get a lot done yesterday because it was below 0 yesterday morning, stayed in the single digits all day and there was 3″ of snow overnight.  Other than shoveling my sidewalk and porch, I was inside all day.


14 thoughts on “Lots of quilting…………

  1. You have a good start for 2015. I am always amazed at all the fabric that you have. I envy you. I can't sew right now as I sprained my ankle, naturally the foot that I use on my sewing. Yes it is really cold. Going out to fill the bird feeders was enough for me. Today I will trace a pattern and embroider. Stay warm.

  2. I rather like the wobbly lines – when I machine quilt if I try to perfectly straight I never get them and it takes too much concentration! it isn't like the quilts I do are works of art – they aren't usually baby quilts or lap size by machine so I do not treat them as if they are. you got a lot done. I'm so glad I rarely have to shovel snow – the cold front is in the state and the temperature will be dropping all day.

  3. I think I need a few of those cold days if they can help accomplish so much!! GREAT finishes, Wanda. I love all of the color in the pieces and the line quilting looks nice on them.

  4. Good morning Wanda…Since today is going to be colder than yesterday, I guess you'll be busy, making magic in your basement studio. If I thought I was amazed before with what you can accomplish in a single day, then you topped it with yesterday's achievements. Unfortunately, I have tendonitis in the upper portion of my right arm and my activity with that arm is limited for now. I will clean up my sewing tables so they are ready for when I can do some cutting and sewing for my granddaughter's bridal shower gifts. Stay warm, and inside, if possible today.

  5. I love your finished quilts and the easy going quilting. It is very cold here in southern Il and we also got some snow but not 3″. I hibernated and put two lap quilts on the long arm and was able to do both easily in an afternoon. I would love to be better at it, but I will just have to be patient and learn as I do it.

  6. You did get a lot done! We only got about an inch of snow and right now the sun is shinning, but apparently more snow is on the way. I has been very cold so the streets are very slippery as salt won't work when it is only 18 degrees!

  7. I bet you move so fast that it looks like streaks of light. So, where are those quilts going? Do they have designated homes? That question is always nagging at me.

  8. You are starting this year with a lot of energy! Be careful you don't run out before you get to Easter! Just kidding, it's very impressive and makes for exciting reading and looking for all your followers! Thanks ��

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