More stash………

While sorting through 3 bins that had miscellaneous in them, I found most of my Indian batiks.  I have 4 more that I found after I took this photo.  I have an international series of quilts in progress with the African quilt, Australian TAW and the Keiko Goke Japanese TAW.  I don’t know what pattern I want to use for these since the design is large in most of them.  I will store them all together this time so when I’m ready to use them I can find all of them.

I got two backings pressed and sewn together yesterday.  I even matched the pattern on the zig zag one I showed yesterday morning.  I loaded the blue batik backing on the longarm so I’m ready to thread the machine and start stitching.


6 thoughts on “More stash………

  1. Its always good to have a few things ready to go!!! When you're ready the stuff is ready!!! Although with the weather…. you may be ready to burrow down deep…. and start NOW!

  2. Wanda, with all the treasurers stashed in your basement, it must be like Christmas, every time you come across a long forgotten box of goodies. I was happy to see that Mother Nature didn't dump the forecasted 6″ of snow when I got up this morning. It looks as though we got only half the amount, which is fine with me. Hope you have someone to shovel the snow for you! Have a good day.

  3. Oh, you found the good stuff! Lovely fabrics. TAW? Racking my brain and nothing is coming to mind. QAYG and UFO- got those. If you get a chance, help me with TAW? thanks.

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