Sewing……and cutting backings…….

I finally did my first sewing in the new year.  I made the large strata at the left.  I put the leftover strata for the 40″ top on there for comparison.  This bigger quilt will be 105″ long.  I have enough people for a January Trip Around the World class so I need 2 stratas to use for demo purposes.  I also have a February class so I’ll use more of the stratas of the larger quilt in that class too.  There are 5 stratas altogether for it.

I looked through my Brandon Mably fabrics for alternate pieces for backing for this quilt.  This was the first one I tried.

Then I found this one and it is my choice.  Now the quilt could be for a male or female recipient.

I also chose this batik for the back of this Stack and Slash quilt.  I had already cut the batting so it will probably be the first one to go on the longarm.  I also cut backings for 2 of the other quilts.  Now I have a lot of pressing to do and then the long seam in the back. 


12 thoughts on “Sewing……and cutting backings…….

  1. When we did the quilt angels delivery this Christmas, one of the guys immediately chose a quilt that was bright and colorful. The design wasn't his intent – only the bright color. I found that interesting. Of course I am a guy that likes bright color also.

  2. I'm very envious of your stash of backing fabric! How much do you buy when you stash a backing? 6, 7, 8 yards? I don't have any cuts that large in my stash, I usually buy for each back. Maybe I should try stashing some… 🙂 Love the Brandon Mably and Kaffe fabrics.

  3. Hi Wanda! I am back from my homecation and am trying to catch up. I also spent some time cleaning and straightening up. It is amazing how quickly stuff can get out of hand! Your selections for backings are great and I especially like the zig zag over the floral. Happy New Year!

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