Still organizing………….

I’m trying to do it right this time, all the way, not just half way done.  The left side of the fruit cellar is done.  You can see that it is a narrow room and 14′ long.  This is approximately 6′ of it.  I put the batting rolls up on 2 cement blocks that were in there.  My son stopped by and I sent a bunch of stuff home with him that had been stored here.  I still have a little work to do on the right end of the room.

While everything was still out where I could see it I decided to choose some backings to pair with tops.  This is the first one.  I have had that backing fabric for probably 30 years and I think it looks great with that top.

This Jane Sassaman print looks great with the X and+ quilt top.

I’m not positive about this one but I think it will work.

I’m undecided if I should put a floral backing on this one.  I don’t want all of my quilts to only be matches for women.  This top could be masculine too so I might keep looking.

I had a regular quilting cotton chosen for the back of this 16 patch but since the top is all batik, I would rather have a batik backing. The 2 darker blues would have to be used together since there isn’t enough of either one for the whole back.

This one is navy and white and I think it brightens the quilt.  Also there is enough of it for the whole back.  I think I will use it.

Hopefully I’ll actually sew something tonight while I watch TV.


23 thoughts on “Still organizing………….

  1. Some days we need to do more than just pet and organize fabric. I am currently working on a hand project… that is on hold while my poor cracked thumbs heal. The bane of very dry skin in the winter months!

  2. Wow, I really like the fabric you had stored and if there was any doubt about why you picked your name (which there wasn't), but if there was, seeing your backing fabríc would totally erase all doubt! Exuberant Color indeed!
    Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  3. I wish I had a space or cubby hole to put a big roll of batting instead of having to buy by the size – I have contemplated getting a roll and then wrap in plastic and store in Mike's workshop that is actually a storage building as he never seems to work in it and doesn't even have his tools organized – it is weather proof and critter proof – but I hate having to go to another building to get it. Have you found price wise it is really worth it to get the big rolls?

  4. Good morning Wanda…That 30 year old backing fabric is so lovely, and I love the colors! Perfect for the quilt. Definitely agree with you regarding the floral background on the Kaffe and stripe top…way too feminine. Cold and bitter out there today, so I think we'll stay home and I'll do some sewing.

  5. exuberant color is definitely a good name for your blog. Even when speaking of “cleaning the basement” you refer to it as the “fruit cellar.” That is soooo much more a colorful descriptive than “the basement.”

  6. All your backing fabrics are beautiful. I tend to go with rather dull, drab solids. Maybe I will change things after looking at your blog today. I am cleaning out my house too, the weather is perfect for staying inside and making changes and getting rid of things I don't need or want. A looong way to go..

  7. I love that navy and white fabric! Your fabric stash/selection is always so wonderful to see. I do enjoy getting to visit your old stash like this. It is wonderful!

  8. Always a joy and inspiring to read your blog. Love the Japanese fabric, the third down, it think. Did you ever post a photo of the finished top? I have issues matching a pattern with unusual fabric. Looks a though you did a great job.

  9. Wanda, you continue to provide inspiration for me. I hope to get my workspace more organized this year. I am much more interested in creating than organizing, but this tendency results in inefficiencies!
    All the best for 2015!

  10. Oh, wow! Isn't it wonderful to have such a grand fabric stash to do your shopping in? I think you've chosen well on all of them. Though, that floral might want to wait for another top, if you want to make it man friendly. ;O

  11. Just had fun reading the above comments…. I can tell who are the 'new followers'. Your lovely 'vintage' fabrics sure are perfect for your quilt tops. Only wish mine were as lovely.


  12. Your storage space is looking great. only wish i had as much room to just store things. My sewing space isn't much bigger, but i am happy to have it.

    sew many lovely backings you have. the y are perfect but I do know what you mean about trying to do a blokey quilt…

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